Inspired by Scott Weinberg‘s Cinematical piece about how he can’t find any Snakes on a Train DVDs anywhere, I called Asylum Video, the L.A.-based producer of the Snakes on a Plane ripoff flick, and asked a distribution rep what’s wrong. Nothing, she said — it’s available at all corporate Blockbuster outlets as well as all Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery stores, she said. It’s the mom-and-pop stores and the online-ordering sites that aren’t yet stocked. It turns out Asylum moved from an office on Sunset (at Windows of the World) to new offices on Sycamore a couple of months ago and the big California distributor — VPD in Sacramento — somehow missed the e-mail notification. “It was just one of those weird fall-through-the-cracks things,” the Asylum rep said. The other two distributors to contact, she said, are Baker and Taylor out of Momence, Illinois, and Ingraham in LaVerne, Tennessee.