I recently signed up for a new dental insurance plan — terrific. But it requires 12 months of loyal payments before kicking in for crowns or veneers…yeah! So with a recently chipped tooth I’ve no choice but to visit the Baja Oral Center in Tijuana, a totally first-rate operation staffed with tip-top professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

This morning at 6:05 am I caught a San Diego-bound Amtrak Surfliner at Union Station. Easily the most pleasant journey I’ve ever taken to these parts. Arrived in SD at 9 am. I’m now on the Blue Line trolley (which is bright red in color) and heading for the border. I’ll walk across the border and grab a cab, etc.

I’ll be catching a train back to Los Angeles sometime in the late afternoon or early evening. I know, I know…as long as I’m down here why not stay for a night in Rosarito Beach? Maybe next time.