Terminator: Dark Fate, a politically correct rehash of T2: Judgment Day with a mostly female/Latino cast handling the kick-ass stuff coupled with state-of-the-art FX, is dead in the water.

A film that cost $185 million and needs $460M-plus to break even, and it’s only expected to gross $27 million domestic by Sunday night? Finito.

My guess is that audiences took one look at the trailer and/or the movie on Thursday night and said “how many times are they going to repackage this shit?…why are we paying to see the same, numbingly familiar time-traveling Terminator crap, only this time with actors of a female and/or Latino persuasion? These are cosmetic p.c. changes that don’t change the fact that it’s the same old oatmeal.”

Deadline‘s Anthony D’Alessandro: “It’s not a good weekend for franchises, specifically old dusty ones as the sixth Terminator movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, is seeing an awful future at the weekend domestic box office with $27.1M, a terrible result for a planned Paramount/ Skydance Media/ Fox tentpole that reportedly cost $185M (some even say it was $196M).

Hollywood social media org Relish Mix: “Fans and action sci-fi moviegoers who have seen the film are up in arms about major changes to the film series’ plot lines.

“It’s also worth observing that fans and moviegoers are all for strong female characters — when these characters are essential and interesting to the story.

“Like other recent remakes, spin-offs and reimaginings, casual moviegoers are confused and disinterested in taking a classic film and simply reshooting it with women in the lead roles, which is the perception of some related to Dark Fate, and the reality to still others who have seen early screenings.”