Now that some HE regulars have seen Sean Durkin‘s Martha Marcy May Marlene, I’d like to know what the shakeout is. No more bearded-hipster film festival cruise-throughs — the time for facing Joe Popcorn is nigh.

Three days ago I projected that “the word-of-mouth will be very positive, I expect, and it’ll be necessary for everyone to carefully inspect Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of the Loathsome Twins.

“But an unsettled feeling is also going to kick in when Joe and Jane Popcorn sit down with this film. The smooth asphalt road of the last nine and a half months is going to become a little muddy and bumpy once they watch that ending.

“All the things that are eerily good about Martha Marcy May Marlene are still going to be there in front of paying audiences. Joe and Jane Schmoe are going to feel chilled and entranced by the last few minutes, but — this is an important ‘but’ — they’ll also be having a problem with it, or so I suspect.

“And they may, like me, feel a little frustrated with Olsen’s Martha character, specifically her inability to do or say anything that might somehow alter or transform her situation.”