It’s 7:11 am, been up since 6 am. I have an 8:15 am interview with Inequality For All‘s star-auteur Robert Reich — the renowned author, Berkeley professor and former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton — along with the doc’s director, Jacob Kornbluth, at the Yarrow.

I have four films on the slate today: a p & i screening of Liz Garcia‘s The Lifeguard at 9:30 am, Lake Bell‘s In A World at 11:30 am or, if that doesn’t work out, Kyle Patrick Alvarez‘s C.O.G. at noon. Maybe. And then definitely Ryan Coogler‘s Fruitvale, the buzz-of-the-moment, at 2:30 pm followed by a 7 pm screening of Richard Linklater‘s Before Midnight, which received a gale of ecstatic reviews after last night’s Eccles screening.

I may try to slip into the first hour of a 5:15 pm screening of Alex Gibney‘s We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks. If it would begin at 4:30 pm I’d be in good shape.

In so doing I will be blowing off today’s screenings of Narco Cultura (sorry, Cynthia Swartz), The Way, Way Back, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Afternoon Delight, Gideon’s Army, etc.