A slightly longer, more atmospheric Spanish-language teaser trailer for Juan Antonio Bayona‘s The Impossible (Summit/Lionsgate, 10.11) has popped up. Longer than the one that posted on 12.27.11, I mean. It’s time for an English-language version, I think.

Last August I passed along information about The Impossible straight from Bayona.

“I can only say that we’re on schedule and working really hard on the editing and visual effects. We finished principal photography last February [2011] and did three weeks of technical shooting (scale models and water) in June. The film will be completed in early 2012.”

Summit acquired domestic rights in May 2010, which means Lionsgate has them now.

The Impossible is a true account of a family swept up in the tsunami that slammed into the coast of Thailand and neighboring countries seven-plus years ago. Naomi Watts and Ewan Macgregor are the stars. Geraldine Chaplin, Tom Holland, Gitte Julsrud and Marta Etura costar.

Bayona’s last film, The Orphanage, is one of the great adult horror films of the 21st Century. The same team that worked on The Orphanage (writer, production manager, cinematographer, composer and editor) have reunited for this.

The Impossible was largely shot in Alicante, Spain and on location in Phuket, Thailand, beginning in the vicinity of May 2010. Post-production came to a close a month or so ago (or something like that).

My heart lifted when I read that Bayona had described it as an “ambitious, high-quality European film” which will be “competitive on an international market.” In other words, not made for American mall idiots.