I want to hear Michael Bay dissing Avatar composer James Horner right back on his website within 24 hours. Actually, make it twelve hours. The cycles on these things are getting faster and faster. You can’t sit around and drink tea and read Faulkner on your patio for fear of missing the latest who-whatta?

Here’s the excerpt:

LA TimesGeoff Boucher: “It’s interesting, too, that small moments become so key when a movie gets as big as this one. The machinery of the movie is so big that without successful small moments and human emotion, it could turn into a video game.

Horner: “Absolutely. Yes, that’s right. And, not to mention names, but if it was Michael Bay making this movie we wouldn’t be having this conversation. These things, [heart, story, soul], wouldn’t matter or they certainly wouldn’t matter as much. Jim Cameron knows the importance of it not just becoming mecha. Jim knows that a movie can become swamped in just unbelievable imagery and that it becomes hollow. Jim won’t allow that and my job is to make sure it doesn’t happen.”