Since Aurora the National Rifle Association has been looking around for something that will get the public back into a gun-toting mood. Dan Bradley‘s Red Dawn (MGM, 11.21), a remake of John Milius‘s 1984 original, might be just what they need. If you can get past the North Koreans being brain-dead enough to attempt a Jack Webb-styled invasion of the US, it’ll remind that we all need to be armed just in case, and not just with pistols and laser-scoped deer rifles but AK-47s….yeah!

Anecdote #1: Red Dawn was slated for release on 11.24.10, but was shelved due to MGM’s financial woes. Anecdote #2: The elegant Tony Gilroy, of all people, has a co-screenwriting credit on this puppy. Tony Gilroy contributing to a right-wing movie!