Beanie Feldstein‘s performance as Monica Lewinsky has been more or less approved, but Impeachment itself isn’t faring as well.

“Only a couple actors dig themselves out from underneath the weight of leaden dialogue, overt exposition and, in some cases, extremely distracting prosthetics. Otherwise, Impeachment is an overwrought rehash that’s more off-putting than enlightening as it crams everything it can into its inherently complex narrative.” — from Caroline Franke’s 8.31 Variety review.

“Even as the season zeroes in on the finer details of the story (drawing primarily from Jeffrey Toobin’s book ‘A Vast Conspiracy‘), it struggles to locate a larger point worthy of the time it takes to convey it. For a star-studded drama about an explosive historical moment, Impeachment feels oddly static.

“[And] in reducing [the principal female characters], once again, to the roles they played rather than the people they were (or are — Lewinsky serves as an EP on the series), Impeachment feels a little too little, a little too late.” — The Hollywood Reporter‘s Angie Han.