I don’t know anything, but I wouldn’t mind the idea of Walter SallesOn The Road playing Telluride…if it happens. I was genuinely levitating after catching it in Cannes. And even if Robert Lorenz and Clint Eastwood‘s Trouble With The Curve is “not a festival film,” as a colleague feels, I’d still like to see it there.

I think we’ve said all that needs to be said about the other alleged inclusions: Argo, Frances Ha, Ginger & Rosa, The Hunt (a cloddish and infuriating film about an innocent divorced man accused of child molestation by small-town morons and fair-weather friends), Hyde Park on Hudson, Passion, Rust and Bone and possibly The Sapphires.

There will be festival tributes for Mads Mikkelsen and Marion Cotillard.

I for one am very sorry to hear that Terrence Wackadoodle‘s To The Wonder is not Telluride-bound. A meandering romantic triangle movie with metaphorical applications to the ’08 financial crisis (according to Venice Film Festival honcho Alberto Barbera) sounds like a moody mescaline trip, but almost certainly like the kind of film that would find some sort of sympathetic reception in Telluride (on top of the already scheduled Venice and Toronto festivals). How fruit-loopy could it be?