I’ve said many times that any and all Asian martial-arts films (past, present, future) are anathema to me, and that I will never, ever sit through another one. There are few things in life that I am more resolute about. I’m also determined to never, ever see (a) Arthur Hiller‘s 1972 adaptation of Man of La Mancha with a singing-dubbed Peter O’Toole and Sophia Loren (yeccch), (b) Peter Hunt‘s 1776, the 1972 adaptation of the 1969 Broadway musical that costarred William Daniels, Howard Da Silva, John Cullum, Ken Howard and Blythe Danner (uggh); (c) Ken HughesChitty-Chitty Bang Bang (overly precious from a distance), (d) Richard Fleischer’s Dr. Doolittle (’67) with Rex Harrison, and (e) Blake Edwards’ Darling Lili (’70) with Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson. I am in a state of absolutely serene acceptance about never seeing these five, and I’m fairly sure I could easily think of another 40 or 50 if you give me an hour or so.

Please list your never-see-’ems with parenthetical explanations if you care to share.