In a 2.15 piece called “This Is Beneath Me,” I wrote the following about Brad Pitt‘s post-divorce adventuring: “Brad’s next serious girlfriend or wife needs to be someone better than Angelina Jolie and way better than Jennifer Aniston, and by that I mean someone classy like Amal Clooney…a lawyer or a diplomat, a brilliant book author or stage director or brain surgeon, someone brilliant and accomplished but without Jolie’s curious history.”

Well, a new Us magazine cover story says Pitt has been romantically involved “since last fall” with 42 year-old Neri Oxman, “a renowned architect and professor at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology whom Pitt reportedly sought out after seeing a series of 3-D printed furniture pieces she designed.”

Us reports that Pitt “‘has been spotted going into her apartment building on multiple occasions late at night and emerging the next morning after she leaves to teach,’ the source said.” [HE to readership: That means they’re doing the hunka-chunka.] “He’s also said to have headed abroad with his alleged new squeeze, accompanying her to a conference in South Africa at which she was a featured speaker.”

Previously married to Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, Oxman dumped a “very wealthy man” she’d been dating shortly after meeting Pitt.

More than a couple HE readers pooh-oohed my 2.15 Amal Clooney-type hypothesis. One guy said, “Naah, Brad needs to settle down with some hot 28-to-32 year old actress, knock her up and live in an open marriage so if he wants to fuck around on set, he can. He’s a good ole boy. An Amal Clooney situation makes no sense. He has never given much of a shit about social causes, etc.”