“We don’t care about cinematography or great acting or anything like that,” says Mr. Skin‘s chief “sexecutive” officer Jim McBride to N.Y. Times guy Andrew Adam Newman. “We’re concerned about the nudity — who’s naked, and what they show.”
Mr. Skin “had revenue of $5.3 million last year, primarily though $29.95-a-month subscriptions,” Newman reports. “With more than 175,000 revealing pictures and video clips of about 15,000 actresses (yes, only actresses), the site drew 2.9 million unique visitors in June, according to comScore, the Web traffic tracker.”
Five or six years ago a Film Threat guy let me use his Mr. Skin password for about a year, and access to that damn site consumed ruined my concentration. Several days of good writing time went right down the drain. Even if I had time to burn I’d never blow $29.95 monthly in order to quietly ponder the ski slope of Charlize Theron‘s breasts. Spending hours on that site don’t get you nowhere, don’t make you a man.