Although I’m opposed to anything that further inflates and mythologizes the legend of the crippled freak known as Michael Jackson, I have to admit that Andrew Barker‘s Variety review of This Is It — a full-out rave — has me going. I’m mildly annoyed about having to pay to see the damn thing, but that’s Sony showbiz in this instance.

I’m glad, however, that Barker included this paragraph: “Members of the band, crew and dance troupe appear on camera between songs to gush (often while tearing up) about the honor of appearing with Jackson. While it’s hard to doubt their sincerity, it all seems a bit creepy when one remembers that this footage was originally intended for Jackson’s personal use.”

The film “is assembled with great care that belies its impromptu nature, and editors Don Brochu, Brandon Key, Tim Patterson and Kevin Stitt have done excellent work to pull together a coherent film from endless footage — even at nearly two hours, the film still feels too short.”’s Bill McCuddy says the following: “Michael Jackson can sing! Michael Jackson can dance! This Is It does what it sets out to do. It proves that Michael was fit enough to serve. Even If in some scenes he looks so thin Ann Coulter could take him in a bar fight.

“The media crowd I saw it with in New York, by ther way, jeered out loud at the SNL-worthy red carpet festivities projected live from LA prior to the screening.

“The headline is that the world missed one of the greatest concerts that might have ever been.”