Yesterday an Independent headline proclaimed that this Star Wars audition tape showed that Carrie Fisher was “perfect” for the role of Princess Leia, and that an “immediate chemistry” between herself and Harrison Ford was apparent. I don’t see that. My takeaways are as follows: (a) Raw readings of not-quite-there dialogue remind you that scenes, scripts, performances and films themselves are always improved upon bit by bit, and that minus the right elements and final refinements (cutting, pacing, scoring) you can be excused for thinking “Jesus, this isn’t very good”; and (b) I love the fuzzy, low-rez images and noisy textures of mid ’70s reel-to-reel videotape. I bought a black-and-white video camera and tape player in late ’76, and taped a lot of bands, odd events and fooling-around material for a year or so before moving to Manhattan. None of it was transferred to VHS or DVD…sad!