If the ghost of F.W. Murnau could provide a quote about the thieves who dug up his coffin and stole the head, it would be something along the lines of “little minds will have their distractions.” I immediately thought of Thomas Stoltz Harvey, the pathologist who removed the brain of Albert Einstein during an autopsy on or about 4.18.55 (i.e., the day after Einstein died). The great Errol Morris has long wanted to make a fictitious riff called Einstein’s Brain, and I was thinking how Morris would have fun with a doc about the Murnau beheading, if the morons behind the deed are found. At the very least a few more people will now be buying the Sunrise Bluray.

(l.) Sunrise director F.W. Murnau, who died in a car accident near Rincon Beach on on 3.11.31, during a drive up to Santa Barbara (r.) Albert Einstein.