“From the very first shot – an extended, foul-mouthed epic poem to the glory of his own sex organ — Jude Law’s titular Dom Hemingway exudes the very specific rapscallion charm British bad boys have in spades,” writes Film.com;s Jordn Hoffman. “But this…is not just another case of glamorizing an outlaw. Indeed, the opening shot of gratification ends with a punchline — Dom Hemingway is simultaneously a cool guy and a goof, a sliver-tongued genius and a bit of a dumbass. It’s a marvelous and rich character and Jude Law, a little puffier and hairier than usual (he looks like Liev Schreiber in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) turns in a career-best performance.”

Eight months after its debut at the just-concluded Toronto Film Festival, Fox Searchlight will release Dom Hemingway on 4.4.14.