Two interesting pie slices from David Segal‘s N.Y. Times Magazine profile of Arianna Huffington, online a few days ago but in yesterday morning’s edition:

Slice #1: “To work at The Huffington Post is to run a race without a finish line, at a clip that is forever quickening. The pace is stressful for many employees, who describe a newsroom with plenty of turnover. One former staff member I spoke with, who developed an ulcer while working there, called The Huffington Post ‘a jury-rigged, discombobulated chaos machine.’” Comment: I know all about that “forever quickening race without a finish line” thing. It’s what every diligent online columnist faces on a daily basis. But it’s only stressful if you resist it. Give in and you’re canoeing on whitewater.

Slice #2: “[Huffington has] described her own transformation from fast-lane addict to evangelist for reflection, sleep and ‘digital detoxing’ — basically, turning off your smartphone whenever possible. This is a catechism she has branded the ‘third metric’ of success, with money and power being the first two.” Comment: There’s a definitely a Zen cool association that comes with turning off your phone whenever possible, but it’s mostly what certain highly successful people (mostly women) do. Mostly because they’ve reached a high-enough station that allows them to get away with being out of touch. Yes, digital detoxing opens the door a bit wider for spiritual serenity, but it’s not an option in this corner. Doing by being and being by doing — same difference.