The wokester fanatic view is that Thanksgiving signifies the beginning of the original Anglo abomination against Native Americans — genocide, cruelty, displacement, cultural arrogance. In the words of Maid‘s Mary Smith Metzler, Thanksgiving is “complicated.” “The [50 year] alliance between the Pilgrims and the {Massachusetts] Wampanoag tribe, remains one of the few examples of harmony between European colonists and Native Americans.“

This is “family day”, even if you have problems with most many of your brood. I’ve just eaten a dish of warm and spicy pumpkin pie and whipped cream…perfect. I can do very well without the other staples, thank you. The idea of eating yams, sweet potatoes, cranberries and creamed onions, no offense, is repellent.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Except for the woke Millennial Twitter dogs, some of whom should (and possibly will) eternally roast on a spit in hell.