Due respect, but Michael Cieply‘s 4.23 N.Y. Times story about Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner‘s Valkyrie — twice-delayed and presumed to be troubled — adds next to nothing to the story.

All it does is (a) offer a cursory sum-up of the situation that followed the announcement of the second push-back on 4.8.08 (Cieply believes that negative web reaction was the most noteworthy aspect) and (b) allows Wagner to sound tough and resolute with statements like “we will not be daunted,” “anybody trying to dismiss us or write us off doesn’t understand the business,” “nothing is going to stop us” and “we are determined to make this work.”
I obviously know what this sounds like, but I feel that the piece I threw together on August 9th provided a more interesting photograph of things as they seemed to stand 14 days ago than Cieply’s piece does now at looking back and reviewing the hoo-hah.