Anyone who’s ever succumbed to addiction or dealt with an addict over an extended period knows what a fascinating monster denial can be. Addicts can be right on the edge of obliteration with death blowing cool air on the back of their necks and still they don’t think they’re in any kind of trouble. Lindsay Lohan‘s dad has his issues, but at least he understands this.

I’ve seen where addiction ends up, and it’s always the same place if the victim doesn’t wake up. I’ve said before that Lindsay’s saga needs an ending — she needs to save herself or she needs to die, which at least might have an instructive effect in the same way that James Cagney going to the electric chair in Angels With Dirty Faces may have helped the Dead End Kids to fly straight. All I know is that the people in the Collisseum cheap seats are getting restless. They don’t want another Whitney Houston saga that lasts for years and years. Poop or get off the pot.