Three or four weeks ago a certain party whom I felt I had to ban from commenting, largely due to drinking, asked to be let back in. I replied that the alcohol issue was a concern. He asked again for re-entry. And then a couple of weeks ago I asked if I unblocked him would he give me his “absolute solemn blood oath that you’ll never talk about not getting laid and suicide and women’s feet and all the other belly-button-lint crap that you’ve posted before on HE?”

I won’t quote his response but he said he couldn’t in good conscience promise he wouldn’t talk about not getting laid, but that all the other stuff will be controlled. A week ago I told him he was unblocked but “if there’s one fucking mention of profund miserable depression or how you’ll never ever get laid or how I need to give you money for a hooker weekend in Nevada or thoughts of suicide or Kristen Stewart‘s feet or how people need to pay you $100 grand to write for them, you’re fucking gone.”

I haven’t heard a word since. Today I wrote again and said, “So I gave it all this thought and decided to think positively and trust fate and unblock you and you go all Silent Bob on me? That’s vaguely insulting. What should I do, block you again?”