My attempts to fix the sound-synch issue with the Samsung Bluray were going nowhere, and I knew I’d have to get another player to handle domestic Blurays. Plus the Sherwood Bluray player, which plays European Blurays quite nicely, doesn’t have an optical sound receptacle so I’ve had to shoot the sound through the TV speakers and not the richer, fuller-sounding externals. And so two days ago I imperceptibly slumped and ordered an Oppo 93, the Mercedes Benz of multi-region Bluray players. It hurt, but now I’m happy. The sound synch is perfect.

The easiest set-up of any DVD or Bluray player I’ve ever fiddled with.

Calendar photo of Burt Lancaster, in Venice around the time of The Leopard (’63) or perhaps right before he was about to shoot that Luchino Visconti film…what do I know? Anyway, he’s now appearing in my kitchen.

I posted this 2003 photo about five or six years ago, and soon after a director I used to be on friendly terms with before he decided I wasn’t on his side as much as he wanted, told me he found this photo astonishing. Sorry. Memory lane.