I had a nice time, snapped a few shots and enjoyed the company of, I felt, some of the coolest and/or most interesting people on the planet at today’s Social Network luncheon at the Four Seasons. The filmmakers, as you might expect, were in an amiable and settled mood. Not the least bit assuming or presumptuous but…well, you could certainly say comfortable.

True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld, Social Network‘s Andrew Garfield — Tuesday, 1.11, 12:55 pm.

Sony Pictures honcho Amy Pascal.

Social Network producer Dana Brunetti, Jesse Eisenberg, producer Mike DeLuca — Tuesday, 1.11, 2:10 pm.

Social Network producer Scott Rudin.

Armie Hammer (i.e., portrayer of Winklevii) and engaging wife, whose name I will retrieve sometime this evening.