Posted on 7.21: “In fact, fully one-tenth of the list strikes me as bizarrely unpredictable, in that it’s hard to figure out how they made the cut when the likes of Unforgiven, Only Angels Have Wings, Zodiac, Sullivan’s Travels, Bonnie and Clyde, Make Way for Tomorrow, Blade Runner, Out of the Past, Fargo, King Kong, Boogie Nights, Anatomy of a Murder, L.A. Confidential and Trouble in Paradise, just for starters, did not.

“Hitchcock’s Marnie? Really, it’s the 47th greatest American film of all time, rating higher than Days of Heaven, Touch of Evil, The Wild Bunch, Sunset Boulevard as well as Hitchcock’s own Notorious, which is arguably his greatest film? I know critic Robin Wood made a highly personal case for this film nearly fifty years ago, but has the whole Tippi Hedren who-ha of the past few years contorted opinion so drastically in its favor? It’s far closer to Hitch’s worst than to his best.”