It’s 6:15 am and I’ve been up for nearly four hours, unable to feel even a little bit sleepy. I crashed around midnight after a very long day and after four or five glasses of wine at the La Pizza gathering, and I awoke less than three hours later. I know how this works. The blueish early-morning light is starting to give way to straight sunlight and the seagulls are swooping around and cawing — that and the distant buzz-saw roar of scooters makes for a curiously soothing dawn symphony.

The festival’s first screening — Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris , which one source is calling his best since Deconstructing Harry and therefore better than Match Point — happens at 11 am. Another person who saw it gave it a pleasant passing grade but wasn’t over the moon about it.

I had to delete over 1000 spam posts a while ago — a record for a 24-hour period. All of them from the same Eastern European fiends who’ve been torturing this site for years.