CNN and MSNBC are beating the “ISIS is coming, beware of their bullets and bombs” drum over and over. Obviously the ISIS threat is real and horrific, but the media is hammering this story like the scariest thing since 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy. They’re not reporting anything inaccurately, but they’re playing into the hands of these crafty psychopathic losers, it seems, by exaggerating their strength. Fear drives ratings. Note: The video was captured just before Hasna Aitboulahcen, a 26 year-old female cousin of the recently-wasted Abdelhamid Abaaoud, blew herself up. French SWAT-like policewoman: “Where is your boyfriend?” Hasna: “He’s not my boyfriend!” French policewoman: “Where is he?” Hasna: “He’s not my boyfriend!” And then BOOM…intestine wall-splat. Abaaoud was killed soon after, his body so riddled with bullets that he reportedly could only be identified with a fingerprint check.