It’s the same thing every time I visit Las Vegas. I like it the first day, and I wanna get the hell out after 36 hours. The nonstop synthetic-ness of everything, the aggressive lighting, the feeling of being trapped, the incessant air-conditioning, the classic rock tunes playing 24/7, the complacent company of fat Middle American tourists dressed in ghastly leisureware and wearing bored expressions, the overcharging for wifi, the miles and miles of hallways inside Caesar’s Palace. I feel strapped to a gurney with my soul dripping out of an IV.

Will I last until Thursday? I guess I should tough it out, but the urge to escape is building big-time. Let’s see how it goes. Update: Eff Thursday — I’ve just booked myself on a Wednesday night flight back to Burbank. I’ll have a nice full day tomorrow (Laser Light Technology, two panel discussions including one with Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee, Sony Pictures presentation) and then I can catch my 8:50 pm flight.