Friendo: “Any thoughts on Jacob Bernstein’s 1.21 NY Times piece about the last days of Nikki Finke?”

HE: “What’s there to say? Okay, to some extent Fink wept and lamented as she faced the Big Sleep, and to some extent she was accepting. Most of the article is a “Nikki’s greatest hits” rehash. The only new material (at the beginning and end) is from a friend of Nikki’s, Diane Haithman, who helped her during the waning days.

“For what it’s worth, Jay Penske comes off like a human being.

“The piece says, by the way, that Finke died last October at Hospice by the Sea in Boca Raton. In fact it’s located roughly 20 blocks from the sea. It should be called Hospice by Interstate 95.

“The important thing, no offense, is that she’s dead. Nobody wept when J.J. Hunsecker passed on either.”