I didn’t feel all that aroused yesterday when a friend passed along that story about William Shatner claiming he couldn’t fly from Florida to Los Angeles in time for today’s Leonard Nimoy funeral service. If I’d been in Shatner’s shoes I would’ve moved heaven and earth to make it. There are some events in life you can’t blow off. On the other hand if you could talk to Nimoy he’d probably say, “Bill is living his life in the present in a way that he sees fit, and I take no offense. He’s always been a little self-absorbed but nobody’s perfect. Funerals are about offering comfort to family and friends so I’m sure those who were close to me will be giving him death-ray looks the next time they run into each other, but he’ll get no condemnation from me.” Shatner said over and over that he’s sorry but he felt obliged to attend a benefit he’d committed to, etc. Today he held a Twitter memorial service for Nimoy.  And then he flew back to L.A. anyway.