Two reactions to the 4.12 New York interview with Sasha Grey, porn performer and star of Steven Soderbergh‘s The Girlfriend Experience, which will be released on 5.22. (Oddly, the New York piece doesn’t mention this.)

One, Grey’s statement that “the contract [said] I would be nude” seems ironic considering that Soderbergh doesn’t really go there. (At least in the print I saw at Sundance.) There’s certainly no “okay!” nude scene of any kind — that I’m sure of. Which is a bit like making a movie about Babe Ruth without showing him hitting homers in Yankee Stadium. But that’s Soderbergh for you. He’s not Bernardo Bertolucci and he never will be. I think it’s fair to say, in fact, that he’s somewhat averse to sensual show-and-tell. Or that he’s become that way, certainly, in the 20 years since sex, lies and videotape.

And two, Grey mentioning that “when I had the first meeting I assumed I would be naked and do a sex scene. Did I think I would do five, like in my adult work? No, but even up to the point when [we began] to shoot, I thought there was going to be at least one sex scene.” Wait…is there some kind of Rule of Five in a porn film? Five sex scenes, I mean? I’ve watched maybe one porn film in my life and I never heard of any such rule (if it in fact is one) until today.

Grey has only just turned 21. Jesus, she’s only three months older than my oldest son, Jett. I feel dated. But I really hate porn.