Speaking to Politico‘s John F. Harris about the rah-rah-Obama speeches being given by Bill and Hillary Clinton tonight and Wednesday night, a veteran of the Clinton White House who remains close to both of them said “they are both going to do what they have to do…that does not mean they will enjoy it.”
In other words, the words in their speeches aren’t in question; it’s the tone and the pizazz that Billary will put into the delivery that people will be examining tonight (and tomorrow night) with a fine tooth comb.
If Hillary feels she can deliver tonight’s speech with 80% passion levels without anyone accusing her of being a wee bit half-hearted, she’ll give it 80%. And if she senses on the podium tonight that she can give it 70% without anyone saying she’s half-hearted, she’ll give it 70%. But there’s no way in hell she’ll give it 100% or even 90% — no way. Because she’d be very much at peace with saying “I told you so” on 11.5.08 if and when Obama loses. She’d love to run again in 2012. All she has to do is play the Obama game in subtle cutthroat fashion. Put on the show and do just enough so people can’t accuse her (or her husband) of undermining, blah, blah. Make no mistake — she’s The Beast and always will be.