All Barack Obama supporters feel badly this morning about New Hampshire redux. The distinguished and vetted Hillary Clinton threw the sink, the plumbing and whatever globs of fecal matter she was able to scoop out, and enough of it stuck to the wall or pushed buttons or whatever. And now the concern is that come April 22nd the fearful, insufficiently educated lunchbox proles in Pennsylvania (along with that state’s insufficiently educated white women over 50) will probably give her another win.
Even though Obama’s delegate lead is truly insurmountable, and despite the almost certain fact that things will go his way again in Missisippi and Wyoming and beyond. Anyone who knows the game and how to count will tell you the math and the likely super-delegate tipping factor over the next few weeks makes a Barack victory a near-certainty. But this morning the wind and the ugliness is with Hillary, and that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that the Republicans are tickled, delighted….rolling around on the ground.
It’s time now for Team Obama to get up, dust themselves off and unsheath the swords. It’s not just the voters who want to know about Barack’s three-in-the-morning courage — I want to see this! The name of the game from here on should be “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” People everywhere understand that alpha uplift will only get you so far. As that priest in the Woody Allen joke tells the mother, “I’ll pray for your son, sure, but if he can punch it’ll help.”
If you need to watch Gone With the Wind again to get your head straight, do so. Too many people out there seem to believe that Barack Obama has too much Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Hamilton in him and not enough Rhett Butler or Scarlett O’Hara. Barack needs to do that radish-in-the-fields moment. He needs to stand up, clench his fist and say to the heavens, “I’ll never be taken down by that bitch and her henchmen again! ”