I read with interest Tom O’Neil‘s salute to Bill Condon and Laurence Mark, the new Oscar show producers whom I know personally and like enormously. Excellent fellows, touch of class, taste buds, cool tuxedos, etc.
Do I agree with O’Neil’s suggestion that Will Smith would be a great choice to host the Oscars? Uhhm…sorry but no. No offense, but to me Smith is Mr. Easy, Mr. Bucks-Up Hah-Hah. He doesn’t exude anything except exuberance, perfect teeth and postivism. He lacks discrimination and is accomodating to a fault — he’ll throw his head back and laugh at anything, radiate positive energy about anything and everything except Saudi terrorists, smile until he dies from old age. He’s the 21st Century Sammy Davis, Jr. All he wants to do is entertain and be loved…zzzzzzzz.