If I was a stranger in Manhattan and asked somebody if free wifi is offered in Central Park, the response would be howls of laughter. Of course Manhattan doesn’t offer free wifi in public outdoor places! It can’t even offer surfable air on its subways and you can surf on your smart phone on every Paris metro line in town. New York isn’t such a a wonderful town compared to this one. I love NYC for its many delights and intrigues, but Paris is 17 times more livable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. And the food in less expensive restaurants here tastes much better and is more enticingly prepared for the most part than the food in similar eateries in Manhattan/Brooklyn. The only problem is price. It’s brutally expensive here.

Beaver feasting on grass in park near Tour Eiffel — Thursday, 6.6, 8:35 pm.

You can buy Starbucks Italian Roast Dark instant in the States but they don’t sell it here. I live on this stuff and the supply is running low.