It was reported earlier today that Gawker Media exec editor Tommy Craggs and editor-in-chief Max Read have resigned after honcho Nick Denton removed a slimey post about a New York media executive’s attempt to book a male prostitute and a blackmail attempt that followed. Craggs and Read felt that Denton had violated a firewall between management and editorial, and that they needed to resign for the cause of editorial independence and journalistic honor. How about this? How about nobody ever reports anything about anybody’s sex life unless something truly cruel and criminal has taken place (as in the case of Bill Cosby‘s decades-long pathology)? How about rolling it back to the days of JFK when journalists just left that shit alone? As an exercise, I mean. Give it a whirl, see how it feels.

Tab at Balthazar that Craggs charged to Gawker Media before resigning. (Pic originally posted by Mashable.) A 33% tip? I’m more of a 20% tipper unless the music is too loud and management won’t turn it down, in which case the waiter gets 5%.