After reading the mostly-non-negative reviews of Gaspar Noe‘s Climax, a Director’s Fortnight film which is screening at the Theatre du Croisette at 6:15 pm, I’ve decided to see it instead of the Chris Nolan-endorsed, non-restored version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which begins at 6:45 pm at the Salle Debussy. It feels tepid and timid to choose a film I’ve seen 15 or 20 times over something new, provocative, challenging, etc.

What if I arrive at the Theatre du Croisette and come upon a line that is way, way too long to offer any hope of getting in? I’ll bail on the Noe, run down the Croisette to see the Nolan, and try to see the Noe tomorrow (it’s screening at two venues but probably without English subtitles).

5:20 pm update: The Noe line is long and winding and bordering on ridiculous, and I’m at the end of it. Where’s the cutoff point? At best I’ll snag a shitty seat in the balcony with my legs turning numb from a lack of blood circulation. I’m sticking with the Noe but with trepidation. At least I know I’ll get a decent seat for the Nolan because of my semi-elite press pass.

6:15pm: We didn’t make it. No room at the inn. After waiting and hoping for 70 minutes. So we speed-walked over to the Salle Debussy and caught Chris Nolan’s 2001.