Terrific — we all get to sit through some horrific fantasia courtesy of Danish provocateur Lars von Trier. The film is about a serial killer (Matt Dillon) honing his brutal art. What’s the Cannes Film Festival history regarding explicit warnings of this sort? These are posted on (a) a hard ticket for Tuesday (5.15) morning’s screening and (b) an official Cannes screening schedule:

The last time I was truly sickened and appalled by the violent content in a film was during a 2010 Tribeca Film festival screening of Michael Winterbottom‘s adaptation of Jim Thompson‘s The Killer Inside Me. A portion of my review:

“All The Killer Inside Me allows you to do, really, is wallow in repulsion. Okay, repulsion mixed with amazement.

“Just because Winterbottom and co-screenwriter John Curran have closely adhered to the original Jim Thompson novel doesn’t mean it has some special integrity badge. All this means is that they’ve closely adhered to the original Jim Thompson novel, and so what? Thompson is renowned as a great pulp-noir writer, yes, and this movie will make whatever sense of decency you carry around in your heart melt into stomach bile and leak out your anus and dribble down your leg.”