A fast follow-up on the Duelling Bielinski Brothers projects (i.e., Phillip Noyce‘s vs. Ed Zwick‘s). I’ve recevied the following statement from Noyce, to wit: “Historical facts should not be owned or bartered, but it would appear that the life rights of surviving family and Bielski brigade members that our lawyers have maintained for the past several years could mean the following:
“Any other film about the Bielski Brothers” — Zwick’s — “might have to tell the story without retelling any of the incidents described in the personal statements of these real-life characters made exclusively to our research team or contained exclusively in the source material to which we hold the rights.
“Nonetheless, a fiction film inspired by the Bielski Brothers will still leave plenty of room for the remarkable real story to be told.The bravery of the Bielskis should be celebrated over and over. — Phillip Noyce.”