Clark: “You like coffee?” Ryan: “Yeah, I like coffee.” Clark: “Try the Lindo brand.”

I really miss this kind of bucks-up, perfectly written, reality-based, exquisitely performed thriller. A little more than a quarter-century old. Not aimed at pot-bellied fantasy dweebs but 25-and-older types who’d been to college for a year or two and would actually pay to see movies like this.

The splendor of 52 year-old Harrison Ford, still riding that peak superstar surge that began with Witness in ’85, playing the best Jack Ryan ever. Masterful direction by Phillip Noyce, produced by Mace Neufeld. Costarring Willem Dafoe, James Earl Jones, Joaquim de Almeida, Miguel Sandoval, Henry Czerny, Harris Yulin, Donald Moffat, etc.

Flush budget, finely polished, beautifully scored by the late James Horner. Written by John Milius, Donald E. Stewart and Steven Zaillian. As good as this sort of thing ever got.

This kind of big-studio product is dead and gone, of course. The corporations lost interest in films of this sort…what, 15 years ago? 20? Gone with the fucking wind.