Movieline‘s Stu Van Airsdale has posted a smart summary of the evolving investigation into the recent death of David Carradine. Suspicions of foul play are growing (i.e., who bound Carradine’s hands?), Carradine’s family has hired lawyer Mark Geragos and superstar forensic pathologist Michael Baden to look into things on its behalf and the FBI has gotten involved.

“Thai investigators essentially ruled out the possibility of foul play after interviewing hotel staff and reviewing surveillance footage of the corridors near Carradine’s room,” Stu reports. But Extra‘s Jerry Penacoli said on a recent Larry King Show interview that he’s spoken to the director of the film Carradine was shooting in Thailand “at length” and that the director “said that he believes that there was foul play.

“And he said that no one else knows this but his family — Carradine’s family and friends and people closest to him, but David was very interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies.”

Secret societies?