If you want something you need to say to yourself “I want this thing,” and then you have to make the moves. Outside of the realm of royalty, nothing is handed to anyone on a silver platter. And if you’ve (a) cumulatively earned your laurels, as Kate Winslet clearly has, and (b) delivered a phenomenally sad and searing performance, as Winslet has in Revolutionary Road , then you’re entitled to stand up and do what you need to do.

The following was posted five days ago — five days ago! — on gofugyourself. The dialogue isn’t grade-A, but some of it isn’t bad.

Kate: I will not be Susan Lucci, Leo. I will not be the goddamn Susan Lucci of Real Acting.

Leo: I won’t let it happen.

Kate: Nineteen tries. It took her nineteen tries to win the Daytime Emmy. I’ve had eleven tries and I haven’t even won a fucking Globe. A Globe! They’re not even real awards.

The IMDB says Winslet has been Oscar-nominated for Best Actress five times, and nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress award five times.