“Joni in the room…not outshone, not outclassed, not intimidated in the least, not trying to please. God, I love ‘Coyote‘ — a song allegedly inspired by the attentions of Sam Shepard during the Rolling Thunder Revue. Trying to steal Joni’s chords is nearly impossible because of those maddening alternate and custom tunings. She was doing things in the 1970s that nobody else was on to. I really enjoy those weird chord shapes and progressions, which are so unique. She is an international treasure as a songwriter, guitarist and singer. Hejira is one of the finest albums ever recorded.”

— a clip from “Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese,” which opened on 6.12.19 and quickly became known as a doc partially diminished by pointless play-acting bullshit.