In the print edition of an 11.17 Variety issue is a cartographical Rules Don’t Apply promotion — a map of Hollywood landmarks circa 1958, which is when most of the film unfolds. (The map is also on the Rules website.) Within a parapgraph about RKO Studios, which Howard Hughes (played by Warren Beatty in the film) owned from 1948 through ’55, Katharine Hepburn is mentioned. Unfortunately, the Rules map spells her first name as “Katherine,” a misspelling which Hepburn notoriously resented. It’s doubly unfortunate considering that Beatty, who directed and produced Rules, was a huge Hepburn fan who went to great lengths to persuade her to play a small supporting role in Love Affair (’94), which Beatty starred in (and was directed in-name-only by Glenn Gordon Caron). Mistakes happen, yes, and I don’t want to further darken the cloud that’s already hovering above Rules Don’t Apply, but if Hepburn is looking down from heaven, she’d definitely be annoyed.