If, God forbid, our culture allowed for the occasional lynching, certain media people would at least be talking this morning about having a necktie party for the pollsters who reported that Barack Obama was leading Hillary Clinton by 6 to 13 points among New Hampshire voters over the last three days.

Of course, the pollsters didn’t make these figures up. The depressing bottom-line is that there are millions of people out there who aren’t that deeply dug in. They don’t really know what they want, who they’re supporting, what channel to watch, what diet to follow or what they really believe. They just tell pollsters what they’re feeling at a given moment, and it only means what it means right then and there…if that. Nothing means anything. The walls can fall in at any given moment. There is no terra firma — only tremors.
Especially if a sudden surge of sisterly empathy takes hold. On top of which, as we all know, it’s not character and judgment but White House experience from being married to a two-term President that really counts. That and a truly exceptional, cootie-dispensing ability to alienate and infuriate and make certain people (like myself) literally shudder at the notion of Clinton taking the nomination.
And the old Bradley effect always helps. An MSNBC reporter just passed along a story about being in a bar a couple of nights ago and talking to a local guy who said that the polls were wrong and that Obama wasn’t going to win. “And I’ll tell you why,” the guy said. “I’ve lived here all my life and people are not being honest with pollsters about their true intentions.” The MSNBC reporter thought at the time that the guy had maybe had one too many, but now…