Directors, fight choreographers and editors of all of those Marvel and D.C. Comics superhero features (along with evil Furious 7 director James Wan) need to pull up a chair and watch this one-take Daredevil fight scene and take copious notes, and then bow down in front of series creator Drew Goddard. Brilliant! HE gold standard! The cinematographer is Matt Lloyd. As per House of Cards tradition, all 13 episodes of Daredevil began airing four days ago (i.e., 4.10).

From HE reader Matt Howell: “Given your hatred of the comic book genre and your lament over action scenes and fight choreography being unrealistic, what’s your take on this clip? Those are real looking blows, struck by a progressively more beaten down and winded hero. Bad guys don’t go down with one punch and stay down, they get back up and come back at him (albeit a little slower and in pain). Oh yeah, and it’s all one take.”

From HE reader Jeremy Huggins: I know, I know. Marvel superhero shit. But it’s really good. I’ve watched the first three episodes and it’s some brutal, real stuff. In a much more HBO kind of way than any of the Marvel movies have been. As much as there’s a bright and shiny veneer on top of the Avengers movies, this is the dark and bloody underbelly, and not safe for kids to watch. Did I mention bloody?

“Great fight scene, one-on-one, in the first episode. Great hallway fight scene that left me sore and tired just from watching it in the second episode. A thing with a bowling ball and a what-the-fuck ending to the third. I thought it might be something you would enjoy, but be predisposed not to watch.”