Max Payne, a complete piece of video-game merde, is the weekend’s #1 film with a projected $19.2 million by Sunday night. The Secret Life of Bees will come in second with $11.8 million with Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a movie that’s already infamous for what it implies about semi-arrogant xenophobic attitudes among materialistic middle-class Americans, coming in third with $11.6 million.
W. — easily the best new film out there — is, according to my source, looking at a fourth-place finish with $11.5 million. (Nikki Finke, however, has been told it’ll come in second with about $12 million.) Eagle Eye, another piece of shit, will come in fifth with 7.4 million.
The sixth-place Body of Lies will be down 44% from last weekend’s attendance, down to $2600 a print. It’ll be a push for this $80 or $90 million spy thriller to make $40 million domestic. It’s a disaster, is what it is.
Quarantine, $6.1 million. Nick and Nora, $3.8 million. Sex Drive, $3.6 millon. Fireproof, $2.7 million.