“Is Gen. Colin Powell getting ready to endorse Sen. Barack Obama on Meet the Press this Sunday? Two sources close to Powell, speaking on the condition of anonymity, predict that he will. On the record, a third, Ken Duberstein, a Washington lobbyist and former White House chief of staff, didn’t flatly deny it. ‘You can say what you want,’ he told me, ‘but I didn’t tell you that and neither did Powell.'” – from Howard Fineman‘s Newsweek column, posted last night.
Talk about an essential viewing experience. Meet The Press airs on Sunday mornings at…what is it, 8 am?
The other thing to watch this weekend, obviously, is Saturday Night Live, which will feature guests appearances by Sarah Palin and Josh Brolin. Obviously Palin and Tina Fey will appear side-by-side. The cool thing would be to have them sing a duet. “The Shoop-Shoop Song,” I’m thinking. But really, how can anyone laugh at — with — Palin, given what she is and the rancid game she’s playing? It’s revolting to think of her getting a boost in her personal ratings because Lorne Michaels wants a boost for SNL.