The Other Guys will easily win the weekend. It made around $13 million yesterday and will most likely accumulate $35 or $36 million by Sunday night. Inception appears to have dropped its usual 30-something per cent (31% to be exact) for a $5.6 million take Friday, a $19 million weekend cume and a grand tally of $228 million. Step Up 3, a film that does not exist in the minds of millions, topped Inception yesterday by $400,000 (i.e., around $6 million) but if it drops today, as expected, it’ll end up with only $15 or $16 million and a third-place finish.

Otherwise there’s a three-way race for the #4 position with both Despicable Me and Dinner for Schmucks making $3.4 million yesterday, and Salt grabbing $3.2 million. Schmucks has more or less collapsed with a staggering 59% drop, which translates into an expected $10 to $10.5 million weekend total and a cume of roughly $46.5 million — all but dead in the water. Despicable did $3.4 million yesterday with a projected $10.5 to $11 million for the weekend and a $210.7 million cume. Salt was down around 45% with an expected $10.5 to $11 million and a grand tally of $91.5 million.