Roger Ebert has four-starred Paul Greengrass‘s Green Zone — fine. But the film will not come under fire “from those who are still defending the fabricated intelligence we used as an excuse to invade Iraq” as much as those who feel that it brings nothing really new to the table (factually, politically, stylistically), and that it would have felt at least semi-relevant if it had come out, say, two or three years ago. Or four, even.

A Green Zone friend-of-the-family asked this morning if I enjoyed it, and I said “yeah, but it’s no United 93. It’s basically the Bourne Zone, and therefore feels like a bit of the old same-old same-old. Paul should have named actual names, I feel — no stand-ins. And the shaky-cam thing is starting to bother me a bit.”

On top of which the definite interest levels are only fair — 40 and 42 for under-25 and over-25 males, and 21 and 33 for under-25 and over-25 females. The “first choice open & release” figure is only 9.